Everything under construction

Music :
. https://coronalmassejection.bitbucket.io
. . facebook page
. https://soundcloud.com/vic-hug
. https://vichug.bandcamp.com/

Max/MSP/Jitter code :
. https://github.com/vichug
. https://cycling74.com/toolbox/soundstroll/
. Link to download SoundStroll : click here

Collaborations :
. with Junkai Chen :
. . http://www.lefresnoy.net/fr/Le-Fresnoy/production/2016/installation/704/correspondance
. with Langmuir music band :
. . "Alpha", single
. . other songs
. with Johnny Barrel Country Band :
. . see facebook page
. with Compagnie Peanuts :
. . 'Libertatia ou le 102e d├ępartement'

Other :
. Play "t une pier", text-based game about beeing a stone (in French) : t une pier

Biography :

Early interest for the violin. Peaceful childhood. Travels. Musicology studies, master RIM : Computer Music Design, in Saint-Etienne, France ; obtained in 2013. Electroacoustic music degree obtained at the conservatory of Nice, France ; in 2014. In 2014-2015, played electric violin for the psyche-prog-rock music band Langmuir in Nice ; plus jazz violin in various venues around Nice. Also collaboration on mixed media projects with Junkai Chen. During the fall of 2015, began giving classes of Computer Music for the master students at the Conservatory of Shanghai, China. Currently living in Marseille, France and working on solo live violin & electronics project "coronal mass ejection*". His interest is in mixing styles of music, from all geographical & social horizons, to attain the truly universal language.